FAQ - Queen Garnet

Who owns Queen Garnet?

Queen Garnet was bred by plant breeders at the Queensland Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, and is owned by the Queensland Government.

Can I buy a Queen Garnet tree for my garden?

No - trees are not available to the home gardener.

Can anyone grow Queen Garnet?

No - only licensed commercial growers can legally grow Queen Garnet. Anyone growing Queen Garnet without a licence is doing so illegally.

How do I become a licensed grower?

Nutrafruit has a number of licensed growers, around Australia, who have the capacity to grow a large number of trees.  We may require additional growers in future and are interested in talking with growers who are willing to be part of a controlled production and marketing system - if you are interested please Contact Us with some details about your business.

How is QG nectar made?

QG nectar is currently the next best thing to fresh QG - it contains only QG fruit. While the nectar is cold-pressed, at the moment it must be pasteurised prior to filling and storage. We are working on alternative methods of preserving QG (e.g. HPP) to provide a different taste and quality experience for consumers.

How much QG nectar should I drink each day?

...drink as much as you can. We cannot make consumption recommendations until we have completed further human health research so, really, it is up to the individual to decide how much they wish to drink.

How many plums are there in a bottle of nectar?

We do not count them as they go in but estimate that there are about 3 plums per bottle.

What is the difference between the nectar and the probiotic powder?

The nectar provides a consumption option when the fresh fruit is out of season while the probiotic powder is meant to be used to introduce beneficial bacteria to your stomach...they are completely different products intended to be used for different purposes.

Can I give QG nectar to my dog?

Certainly - people do and some have reported significant weight loss in their favourite pooch...however, my dog will not touch it.

Where can I buy Queen Garnet?

You can buy online from us; from selected Woolworths shops or from a range of retailers around Australia. Check our website for Where to Buy.

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