Queen Garnet Probiotic Powder



With 10 billion Good Bacteria per 3g serve, Queen Garnet ProBiotic powder is a wonderful way to start your day.
Containing a diverse spectrum of vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, antioxidants and enzymes, Queen Garnet Probiotic powder can be used to help regulate digestion.
The soft, sherbert texture and pleasant taste makes consumption easy.
Take one (1) teaspoon per day before a meal. Simply dissolve in your mouth or mix with cold water.
Each 3g serve contains:
  • 19% Queen Garnet/dextrose blend
  • 5 billion cfu L.plantarum
  • 5 billion cfu L. acidophilus
  • Approximately 100mg Vitamin C.
GlutenFree...Dairy Free...Vegan Friendly...
Please note that this is a pro-biotic product.
Not suitable for children under 2 years old or for women during pregnancy or breast feeding.

(Note - the price shown below includes GST)

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